Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Stitch in Time

I created these baby cards using stitching to add as soft precious look. The design is simple but does take some time.
This one uses 4 blocks of color that i just poked holes around the edges and did a back stitch all around them, then in the middle is punched the shape of the letters in the center of the block. I used a back stitch here also. I added the Giraffe i cut from a Sizzix Die put a with ribbon around his neck it made the perfect accent on this card.

The second card is so easy and simple but it still has apeal because of the stitching. I stitched (baclstitched) the word baby on 4 small Squares (i used the smallest square from Creative memories square punch duo. Then i attached them to 4 larger squares (The larges square from my large Creative Memories square punch) after i attached to the paper i did a zig zag stitch all the way around and accross the center.

Tip of the day 3; Use a template to poke the stitching holes it makes sewing easier and you have less chance of tearing your paper. I had my husband drill holes in a small flexible clear ruler to help in keeping my hole some what uniform in spacing but you don't want it too perfect..

Happy card making and God bless you all Roxie

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